3 Challenges Faced by Food Manufacturing and Safety Companies

As the global food and beverage market grows, food manufacturers and safety companies face various challenges.

One of the most significant is the need for transparency in the food supply chain.

Although this can be addressed by conducting regular site audits, it comes with lots of setbacks including:

– Impact of the pandemic on day-to-day operations, such as the current supply chain disruptions

– Rising inflation has led to an increase in the cost of site visits, from airfare and truck rental prices to restaurant and hotel expenses

– Loss of productivity due to multiple site visits

To mitigate these challenges, businesses leverage technology to foster collaboration when travel is impossible.

Today, companies can conduct remote audits, and there are several new tools for innovation, leading to transparency, efficiency, and cost-saving potential while maintaining a quality supply chain.

How are you embracing technology to boost transparency, quality, and compliance in your organization?

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