Millennials Moving to Denver…..


When you hear the word Millennials in the workplace many people tend to immediately think of a generation that wants to change everything, question everything, and mess with the way “its always been done.”  But the companies who look at Millennials in a different light are the ones that will take the lead in the future.  As more and more Millennials make their way into Denver and into the workforce, it is time to start seeing the creativity, and innovation they bring to the table.  No longer are things just going to get done, they are going to get done faster and more efficient and it is these bright minds bringing new ideas and new ways of doing things that will allow this.  

According to Ben Miller, More millennials are moving to Denver.  To view Ben’s article in the Denver Business Journal, click here.

Denver is one of the top cities attracting Millennials so the time is now! These will be your future leaders so it is important to identify, develop and retain them today before someone else does.  

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