If You’ve Got Silver Linings Share Them



If You’ve Got Silver Linings Share Them

As many of us self-isolate, work from home and practice social distancing amid the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, it is so easy to quickly fall into a trap of negativity and despair; especially when financial difficulties loom.  Juggling telecommuting schedules while homeschooling children, constantly making meals and cleaning up after them, all while trying to keep one’s sanity amidst the constant worry and anxiety seems to be producing an array of emotions we really don’t have a description for just yet.    

Nevertheless, many are considering the small consolations that have arisen from the crisis, be that spending more time with their loved ones or being able to finally make those recipes you’ve wanted to try but never had the time.  I personally had been stressed about how much I had been traveling and how much I was away from my kids, now I am with them every single morning and/or evening having very real and meaningful conversations about the state of the world.  In the midst of all of this, there have been moments when the insight of an eleven and a fifteen-year-old have actually brought epiphanies.

I have seen more families on social media planting flowers, playing board games, doing 1000-piece jig-saw puzzles and taking walks together.  There seems to be less rush, less fret over very small and insignificant things.  Such as…allowing our co-workers to God forbid see us without a full face of make-up via video conference!  Could you ever have imagined that before this? 

This universe of ours has put us all in a collective “time –out”, and we don’t when we will be allowed to come out.  And just maybe it is bending our thought processes for the better?  Still, the biggest and most meaningful silver lining I have witnessed in this chaos is the resurgence of conversation.  Conversation with friends (old and new), family members, neighbors, and even strangers.  Crisis brings people together and gets creativity flowing.  Did you ever think as an adult you might be amused and entertained in sidewalk chalk art?  Maybe you might?

I find many moments of gratitude in those living amongst us who cannot stay home; healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store employees, utility services workers, delivery drivers…the list goes on.  In between reading and watching the latest COVID-19 news updates which can be overwhelming, I find myself thankful for my groups of friends who share funny, entertaining, and self-deprecating memes and posts.  I am always appreciative to those who share educational videos, articles, and teaching tools for our kitchen classrooms as well as the teachers themselves who are doing all of the aforementioned yet still managing to bring learning into homes.  Public school cafeteria workers are still out there every day providing curbside pickup lunches to those students who rely on them, for them I feel indebted. 

Let’s challenge each other to share their COVID-19 silver linings not only with friends but publicly via social media or other outlets. In these trying times not only will it task you with reflection, it will allow you to share joy, hope, and possibly have a laugh.  There is no doubt this moment in history will change us as a whole.  We are currently in a significant week for many world religions.  Many are celebrating Holy Week, Passover, and Easter.  Let us use this unprecedented time in history to make optimism our priority.   

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