Case Study: Transparency and Candor and a Growth Mindset…..



 IPS iPeople Partner Sophia Kristjansson, Founder and CEO of  the Lexicon Leadership Group, along with David Tashjian have recently been published in PEOPLE + STRATEGY, The Professional Journal of HR People + Strategy.

Here are some excerpts from the publication as well as a link to the full case study.  Congratulations Sophia and David!

David Tashjian, vice president, sales and marketing for Comcast’s Mountain West Region, based in Denver, Colorado, has just concluded a meeting with a group of the organization’s rising leaders. When asked for follow-up feedback, several commented on his openness and candor. “He shared his personal struggles.”

David’s reputation precedes him. It’s widely known that he is highly engaged, focused on results, and dedicated to developing people; however, what seemed to resonate with many of these leaders was David’s transparency about life’s challenges.

Dr. Carol Dweck, professor of psychology and researcher at Stanford University, would classify David as a “growth mindset” individual. (See sidebar, “Growth vs. Fixed Mindset,” on page 29.) For 25 years, she has studied the characteristics of success and has divided personalities into growth and fixed mindsets1. People like David, with a growth mindset, are curious by nature and believe their talents, skills, and abilities will grow over time; those whose are fixed, by contrast, assume they can’t go any further in their learning and are hesitant or, in the extreme, threatened by mistakes. As a result, someone with a growth mindset can embrace mistakes and see them as opportunities for enrichment……(more)…




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