4 Things to Prioritize to Inspire Success

As we journey through 2023, it’s important to reflect on the past year to learn from your successes and challenges and to achieve even greater success.

In a Forbes article, John Pierce, the Head of Business Development at Cetera Financial Group, shared four key learnings from 2022 that can inspire your success in 2023.

Here’s what you should prioritize throughout 2023 and beyond:

– Invest in your team. When hiring new talent, it’s essential to focus on getting the right fit, not just high performers.

– Build a world-class onboarding and integration program.

– Remain focused on quality over quantity. Instead of focusing on headcounts and total assets, prioritize the quality of the financial professional’s book.

– Learn from what doesn’t work. Embrace new ideas and approaches, and be willing to try and fail.

I would love to hear what you are prioritizing in your organization as we journey through 2023.

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