Why Modern Cybersecurity Requires AI

The lack of robust cybersecurity culture and the severe shortage of IT security professionals expose several organizations to digital attackers.

According to John Kim of NVIDIA, cyber-attackers are modifying their game plans, and some have begun using AI to customize phishing attacks to make them more effective.

Similarly, newer viruses can now alter their own code, repeatedly change their location, and even disable or modify anti-malware software on the infected machines to avoid detection.

Kim highlights the below five areas where AI can help detect and prevent security threats:

– Thorough screening of large pools of data than humanly possible to detect malware, hacking attempts, data exfiltration, etc.

– Detecting and catching suspicious behavior, traffic patterns, and new attacks in real-time.

– Identifying and fixing bugs and vulnerabilities in system applications and networks.

– Detecting machines acting like humans and humans acting like machines.

– Identifying zero-day attacks by recognizing suspicious patterns without relying on fixed signature databases.

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