These Tips Will Make Your Success Inevitable

Are you looking to shift careers or change employers? If yes, there’s a lot you need to keep up with to ensure a successful transition.

In a People in Transition Podcast, business thought leader Nathan Stuck shares some valuable insights that anyone looking to get hired or transition between careers should pay keen attention to.

According to Nathan, making a career transition can be challenging, but success is inevitable if you stick with the following tips:

– Make LinkedIn your friend – get to know its power and use it to your advantage.

– Network with other people and attend relevant webinars, workshops, live events, etc. Some jobs aren’t listed on LinkedIn, so networking also plays a role.

– Spend time learning, at least one hour a week or an hour a day.

– Use thank you notes after interviews or discussions.

– Think of networking as long-term focused and relationship-based instead of transactional.

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