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Have you ever walked out of a job interview feeling like you nailed it only to find out later that you didn’t get the position? You are the perfect fit for the job on paper, but there is still one thing to consider, are you likeable?

So how does someone interviewing to be the visionary, strong, delegation based leader come across as a likeable person in an interview? The IPS Five goes into detail about what qualities help make leaders likeable.


1. FlexibleGetting the job done regardless of what obstacles are placed in front of you.

Keep a positive attitude and be able to say “yes” to changes when they occur. For example, if the time or place of a meeting changes do not get upset. Shift your day around to accommodate the new plans. Also, be open to new tasks. This shows that you are willing to take on new projects and makes you a valued team member. During an interview, give examples of times when you were flexible and how it led to success.


2. AdaptableThe ability to adjust and shift to changing circumstances to meet long-term goals.

This can come in a variety of different flavors. Before an interview, prepare specific examples of changes in your life and workplace that you had to adapt to. Describe how you managed the changes, what parts were difficult, what failed, what was successful and how the people around you dealt with the changes. Also, explain what you learned from the situation and what you would have done differently.


3. Self AwareBe conscious of and willing to talk about what you’re good at while acknowledging what you still have yet to learn.

Always be open about what areas you could improve on. Walk into an interview and be able to talk about not only your strengths, but also your weaknesses. This shows that you are very aware of yourself and builds trust and credibility with the company interested in hiring you.


4. HumbleLet your greatness be discovered, don’t brag about it.

While you always want to point out accomplishments within your career, don’t brag about them. Let the interviewer discover your greatness. Allowing them to ask questions and uncover what a great impact you have had on previous companies makes the journey more fun and also makes you appear humble.


5. EngagedBe interesting and committed to your career.

Always be engaged in your career. This means several different things. First, be an expert in your field. Stay up to date on new technologies, methods, skills and best practices. Next, be interesting. Speak of your experiences in stories to keep people engaged in what you are trying to get across. Also, be interested in the people around you. Just as you want people to discover your own greatness, discover theirs. Ask questions and be involved with learning about the people around you.




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