Ready To Change Your Life?

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“What can I do, right now, that would be the most powerful use of this moment?”

With so many things going on around us we typically get stuck in our daily assignments, and do what we’re “supposed to do,” instead of asking ourselves what we could be doing to achieve better results. This is Peter Bregman’s main point in, A Question That Can Change Your Life.

He uses an excellent example to show how making your usual effort is great, but is not always the best way to get where you want to be. Life should be about taking risks, changing your routine and continuously improving yourself. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”- Michael Jordan

Bregman then continues to discuss emotional courage in leadership. Many people are afraid to speak their minds due to the fear that such a bold move could backfire. Emotional courage is necessary to have as a leader of a company because lack of emotional courage will keep you making small moves. Having the confidence to speak your mind, take risks and think outside the box could pay of tremendously down the road. The ability to communicate to direct reports and have them feel comfortable opening up to you about issues/ new ideas is what separates the good companies from the great companies.

The questions Bregman brings up to ask yourself when you are in the moment are also great to use when it comes to personal development. It is easy to get into a routine and feel comfortable. But breaking outside of your comfort zone and taking risks could make all the difference in your career and in your life. You can always make a bigger difference- inspire people, mentor people, share your time and opinions with more people, continue to educate yourself on the current best practices, and make valuable connections. We often get caught up going around the same wheel that we forget to focus on the future and the impacts these changes can make.

Bregman, ends with an example of a young kid from Vanderbilt. He took a huge risk and in return got the chance of a lifetime. So what could you do right now to change an outcome, what risks could you take to better your future? Switch up your usual routine and take bigger risks; it could make a world of difference.

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