Purposeful Pies





Purposeful Pies



Yesterday I had a meeting with a local Denver business owner. She owns a local Pie business in Denver and I walked away inspired. I always love meeting with people that are Purpose Driven.

The reason for the meet was a friend of mine is being considered for an opportunity to join the company and help with Operations and Strategy. We of course talked about him but ended up talking about Purpose, Vision and Values.

She of course is in business to support herself, her teammates and make some money but that clearly wasn’t her primary focus. Her primary focus is more about supporting the community, her teammates and offering fabulous tasting pies. Pie’s with pride is how I would like to describe it. The passion for pies comes from her childhood when a family member cooked, from scratch, wonderful tasting pies. It was a place of solitude, home and peace for her. She wants individuals to experience the same when they purchase and eat one of her pies.

 She’s also extremely humble and focused on doing good in the world and doesn’t expect anything in return. She shared that she gets great joy in delivering pies around the Holiday’s to local fire and police stations. She does it for free and manages her business in such a way that she’ll have plenty of pies to deliver and donate. It got me thinking about all the deeds I do hoping and wanting something in return.   What a refreshing mindset she has. It’s rare that you meet someone that enjoys doing something nice and doesn’t expect anything from it. If all of us (including myself) approached life that way I think our world would be a better place.

I’ve suddenly become a huge fan of pies!


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