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Outplacement services have never been more important than they are today.  Even top employers go through difficult times, and the best ones provide resources to employees who have been laid off or furloughed.  Integrated People Solutions believes organizations providing outplacement services to laid off or furloughed employees not only provides them dignity and  assistance, it is a positive thing and provides significant goodwill to those employers of choice as it has an impact on current and prospective employees.  In addition, employers offer outplacement to protect their reputations as desirable employers, to head off potential lawsuits and, in the instance where a lawsuit is filed, look like good guys, and to minimize their liability for unemployment compensation payments.  The key is to utilize an outplacement firm that provides effective services for former employees to help bridge the gap between unemployment and a new job.


Integrated People Solutions offers high touch outplacement services through High Potential, Inc. of OI Global Partners, our preferred business partner.  Their experienced executive development staff provides outplacement services, talent coaching and development solutions in over 110 offices in North America as well as offices in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


Outplacement services consist of individual or group career counseling and advising. Since many laid-off employees can be unfamiliar with current job searching techniques if they haven’t sought employment in a long time, training in job searching is provided. HP/OI will help impacted employees:

  • Adjust to the job loss
  • Understanding themselves and explore options
  • Prepare a resume
  • Prepare marketing materials and presentations
  • Network and researching the market
  • Learn the art of interviewing
  • Manage the campaign
  • Learn negotiation strategies
  • Learn to thrive in their new position

They will also have access to OI Global Partners’ 24/7 Career Transition Website.  It’s user-friendly, multi- media, web-based global platform has been designed especially for impacted employees and provides increased resources when they’re looking for a new opportunity. This state-of-the-art platform offers users the most current information in a variety of formats for clients with different learning styles and at different stages of transition:

  • VIDEO TOPICS – 5-minute mashups of interviews with various industry hiring managers and OI Partners career experts answering questions about all aspects of job loss, career change, job search techniques, and interviewing
  • AUDIO TOPICS – 2-minute podcasts on job search topics
  • WRITTEN TUTORIALS on subjects from interviewing to retirement and entrepreneurship (consulting, franchising, starting your own business)
  • FAST CLASSES® – Short e-learning modules on additional job search and career development areas of interest

While outplacement guidance can happen in person, right now it is great that we can offer interactive outplacement services via video so an employee does not need to travel to see his or her career coach. Additional outplacement services are provided over the phone, by instant message, and even texting.  Often, outplacement isn’t about directly finding new employment. For employees who may have been laid off because they have skills or experiences that are outdated in the workplace, outplacement often focuses on identifying ways to translate those skills to the current workplace or to find a new career path and relevant training.

For further information on Outplacement Services, please contact:

John Estrada at john@ipeoplesolutions.com


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