On the Job: Good video can lead to interview

Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, USA TODAY columnist, writes about the impact video interviews are having on todays hiring process. Through these interviews, applicants are able to show their aptitude for a job and make a good impression on hiring managers. Elli Sharef, the co-founder of HireArt, believes video interviewing is going to take off due to the number of available webcams and the desire of companies to have richer candidate information.

At IPS, Managing Director JP O’Brien, works as a mentor with TechStars, a Boulder based a mentorship-driven seed stage investment fund. TechStars uses video interviewing as a way to valuate candidates and help sort through the thousands of applications they receive. An example of how their process is set up can be found at apply.techstars.com.

Video interviews will soon be a major part of many companies’ hiring processes. Companies will benefit from this because they will be able to gain a better understanding of each applicant they review. Therefore, applicants need to prepare themselves for each interview in order to come off as professional, confident, and stand out against the others.

Employers increasingly are winnowing down a field of candidates with a video clip.

January 20, 2013 | By Anita Bruzzese, Gannett

Would you buy a car without first seeing it or taking it for a test drive?

Probably not, and employers feel the same way about job candidates. They want to know that a job candidate is reliable, will fill their needs, and won’t quit when the road gets bumpy.

But how do employers “test drive” candidates before making a job offer without being too time consuming or expensive?

One solution has been video interviewing. Companies like HireArt weed through job applicants and send short videos of good fits to potential employers.

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Simon Roads

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Having been immersed in the aviation industry for nearly half a century, his wealth of insights and knowledge has established him as a trusted figure within the field. His extensive experience has provided him with the opportunity to engage with diverse cultures, interacting with individuals from various walks of life, and ensuring that their distinctive requirements and preferences are met with the utmost precision.

One of his notable strengths lies in his adeptness at effectively managing global teams. Over the course of his career, he has demonstrated successful leadership and mentorship of professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities, fostering an environment characterized by collaboration, growth, and mutual respect.

Understanding different cultures has played a pivotal role in his professional journey. By taking part in the customs, traditions, and practices of his clients he not only fosters strong relationships but has also gained a profound appreciation for the unique needs and expectations of each of his clients.

Away from work, his priority is his family. His role as grandad to three wonderful boys, brings him immense joy. He has a penchant for outdoor activities such as cycling, kayaking, and golf. Additionally, he has developed a passion for cooking and continually seeks to learn new culinary techniques. The art of balancing life and work is an ongoing journey for him, and he considers himself fortunate to be able to savor the best of both worlds.

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After an unsuccessful attempt at a Chemical Engineering degree, Meredith graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies.

Meredith has a passion for live music, playing both piano and trombone. She also enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors either skiing, hiking or scuba diving.

You can contact Meredith at Meredith@ipeoplesolutions.com

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