IPS Client Amy’s Kitchen Turns 30!




IPS Client Amy’s Kitchen Turns 30!

I wanted to share this article by the North Bay Business Journal

“What’s Next for Amy’s Kitchen As It Turns 30?”

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In December 1987, exactly 30 years ago next month, Rachel and Andy Berliner cooked up a vegetarian pot pie, the first product for their new food business. The couple eventually named their new company after their new daughter Amy, born one month before their first pot pie, in November 1987.

The Petaluma-based company, still owned by the Berliners, has since grown into a major Sonoma County employer and a powerhouse in the world of natural frozen foods.

Amy’s today features more than 250 vegetarian items, including frozen entrées, pizzas and burritos, plus canned food, pasta sauces and confectionery. Those items, many made with organic ingredients, are produced in plants in Santa Rosa; White City, Oregon; Pocatello, Idaho; and soon in new facilities in Goshen, New York; and Porto, Portugal, the latter to serve European markets.

Meanwhile, the company is preparing to build on the success of its first organic fast-food restaurant, Amy’s Drive Thru. That eatery opened in 2015 in Rohnert Park and features organic veggie burgers, shakes, salads, burritos and pizzas. Now the company is planning to build a second restaurant in Corte Madera……

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