In Career Transition?

For those of you who find yourself in career transition or simply planning your next career move, we highly recommend following Bob Gerst’s podcast.  Bob and his guests cover a range of topics in his monthly “People Transitions” interviews.  This month, we are participate in Bob’s valuable forum as he interviewed IPS’ Eric Pringle about going through career changes, dealing with job loss, and how to prepare yourself in a dynamic job market.

Eric has many years as an HR executive, owner of his own company and executive search professional.  In this episode he discusses:

  • what are things you should do right now if you lost your job
  • techniques to use to handle the “stress” of a job search
  • networking techniques
  • how to prepare for an interview
  • STAR technique in answering behavior based interview questions
  • what does not work after you have lost your job
  • his recommendation on best search book to provide you more material

And much more – you won’t want to miss this value pact interview.

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