Ikelosz / Kennedy Executive Budapest Joins Cause For Inclusion



The partners of Kennedy Executive Search love helping people progress in their careers. But contemplating a career or even a job is not a matter of course for all. The mission of the Hungarian Salva Vita Foundation is to foster the inclusion of disabled people into society and to build a more diverse society. They organize trainings and activities for people with any kind of disability, but also for rehabilitation experts or those working with people with disabilities. Furthermore, they provide assistance and services like recruitment, trainings and more for employers who are looking to diversify their staff.To help them do this, Ikelosz / Kennedy Executive Budapest has offered their support in a long-term cooperation sharing knowledge and services.

One of the first steps was a workshop organized by Ikelosz to train Salva Vita staff to coach and support their clients when going out on the hunt for a job. The workshop tackled basic skills and will assist staff to help their clients write an impactful cover letter and resume and prepare for a job interview. Furthermore, trends in the Hungarian job market and legislature were reviewed to pinpoint the possibilities and chances for disabled people.

In order for the foundation to meet their goals, the organization behind it needs to run smoothly. To gain new insights and help bring structure, Ikelosz will coach Salva Vita’s management as part of their support. That way they can put their focus on what the foundation is about; help as many people find a job as possible.

György Kobelrausch, owner of Ikelosz / Kennedy Executive Budapest: “Helping people find great jobs is what we love to do too. The dream of the founder of Salva Vita, Mrs. Andrea David, is to live in a society where disabled and non-disabled people live together in an evident way and everyone has theirimportant role in the community. We think her dream should and could become a reality. And many others do so too. With supporters like the Ministry of Human Capacities, the American Chamber of Commerce and the European Foundation for Quality Management we find ourselves in amazing company. It’s an honour to be able to help such a great cause and we look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation”.

For more information about Salva Vita: https://salvavita.hu/about-us/

On the picture: Salva Vita’s Managing Director Katalin Vég (l) and consultants Mária Filep and Katalin Kappel in a workshop with György Kobelrausch.


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