Getting the candle lit and keeping it burning

Integrated People Solutions has been selected as a Core24 Denver company.  Core24 helps executives and entrepreneurs fast track to exceptional business resources in areas typically outsourced by mid-market companies. 

Getting the candle lit and keeping it burning

Our lives are crazier today than they ever have been. Technology and gadgets are everywhere, and so many people get caught up in having the latest and greatest computer, car, house and clothes, and we all love going out to eat! This causes many of us (I’ve been guilty of this) to land in a career we don’t love and feel the need to stay put, because you’ve got to earn a certain income.

This issue is causing a majority of folks to work at companies they don’t like and in a career that they don’t enjoy. According to Gallup in 2014, only 31.4% of people were engaged and enjoyed their work.

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