Connect Your Inner Self with Outer Success

“Within each of us lies the very essence of our spirit – our inner core, and when we connect with this space, we transcend ego, attachments, and insecurities.”

In a conversation with McKinsey’s Tiffany Vogel, Hitendra Wadhwa, professor at Columbia Business School, explains how success can be achieved by forming a dual connection with the inner core and the outer world.

He explains the concept of the “inner core,” a space where our highest potential arises, and how to inspire and influence ourselves before doing the same for others.

Wadhwa believes that when we make it a habit, commitment, and discipline to anchor our core, we are free from impulses and habits.

His new book, “Inner Mastery, Outer Impact: How Your Five Core Energies Hold the Key to Success,” offers a provocative thesis that these two do not have to be in conflict.

This concept is important for leaders and professionals to understand for enduring success.

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