Confidence and Communication Skills

Are you looking to elevate your presence, communicate with clarity, and collaborate better with peers?

Doing better at work often means working on yourself, both at the personal and professional levels.

In a recent People in Transition Podcast, Tracy Hooper, Founder of The Confidence Project, discusses how you as a professional can address the challenges and opportunities of meeting, greeting, and communicating with confidence in today’s world.

Tracy discusses several key points including three main pieces of advice for all job seekers: words have an impact, practice makes progress, and benefits of trusting oneself.

She also highlights the power of pauses during presentations or when speaking, why you should eliminate filler words, and how to use the right words and not sound too formal or stiff.

If you are to create more impact with the people you interact with and have more control over your day-to-day life, you want to work on your confidence and communication skills.

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