Whirlpool Used Integrated People Solutions to Hire Greatness


Whirlpool is the industry leader in the manufacturing and marketing of home appliances, globally manufacturing appliances across all major categories, including fabric care, cooking, refrigeration, dishwashers, countertop appliances, garage organization and water filtration.

During the last economic downturn, Whirlpool launched an initiative to consolidate their engineering into regional super centers and were challenged in finding certain types of specific cooling and design engineering leaders. They were also interested in creating a more robust engineering process, specifically within the various cooling groups along the appliance lines.


Over the course of a year, IPS successfully placed 5 key positions ranging from Project and Lead Engineers to Director level engineering managers.


Whirlpool was excited to find a group that truly dug in and understood the specifics of some of the technical engineering nuances that their typical process was not capturing. They felt that the level to which IPS understood each role and how it fit into their overall organization, as well as as the awareness of what made someone successful in Whirlpool’s culture, stood in contrast to others who had worked to fill these positions.
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