John I. Haas

John I. Haas Used Integrated People Solutions to Hire Greatness


John I. Haas is a part of the Barth-Haas Group, a family owned company, that is also the largest vertically integrated supplier and processor of hops in the world.

The company was experiencing a significant growth period and recognized it needed to expand and improve its senior team and additional key roles within the group. They had director level roles in production, HR, and several significant senior sales roles to fill.


Following its full-service, detail-oriented process, IPS targeted over 250 companies and reached out to over 200 potential prospects per search and upwards of 500 on some searches. Over the course of 8 months, IPS has successfully placed each position, and continues to work with John I. Haas, allowing them to maintain momentum on their growth plan.


John I. Haas is thrilled with the outcome. They feel that they experienced a true understanding of what the market has to offer and the cost for the specification they designed for each position; and that the candidates they have thus far selected from the slates brought to them by IPS, have met or exceeded the criteria on all counts. John I. Haas feels that they have an engaged an organized, motivated and understanding partner who is capable of working to their standards and successfully accomplishing what they were not capable of doing on their own.
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