IRIS USA Used Integrated People Solutions to Hire Greatness


IRIS USA, a subsidiary of Japanese firm IRIS Ohyama, is an industry leader in the manufacturing of high quality storage products. These products provide consumers with an extensive line-up of organizational systems for everyday use: home, office, craft and hobby, as well as for pet needs.

During 2016, IRIS USA was challenged with opening up a new manufacturing, distribution and corporate headquarters. They were challenged with asking employee’s to move from Wisconsin to Surprise, Arizona. A number of employees decided not to move which left a gap in both the Human Resources and Sales departments.


Over the course of a year, IPS successfully placed 2 key positions, their Head of Human Resources and their Head of Brick and Mortar Sales. These positions needed to understand the Japanese management and cultural structure, and be able to continue to staff with these soft abilities as part of the requirement.


IRIS USA needed individuals that could set and accomplish big objectives but also successfully adjust to working with the Japanese executive leadership.

IRIS USA felt that IPS successfully understood the greater scope of the positions, and the subtle nuances of a who would be top tier player, and delivered candidates that met and achieved all objectives, especially their ability to interact, adjust, and thrive in the Japanese culture.
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