Channel Control Merchants

Channel Control Merchants (CCM) Used IPS to Hire Greatness


Channel Control Merchants, LLC (CCM) is a diversified secondary market products company headquartered in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. They and their predecessor companies have been in business for over 25 years and specialize in providing unique and industry leading services to U.S. and international companies with regard to the at-risk management and resale of secondary market inventories.

Secondary market inventories are purchased and sold through one or more of our distribution outlets. This includes over 50 retail stores in three states, a wholesale division and an online sales division.

As a portfolio company of KKR they are committed to a 5 year high-growth plan and need the right people in place to accomplish this.


CCM partnered with Integrated People Solutions to identify, recruit and ultimately hire VP of Warehouse & Distribution and pipeline a slate for VP of Human Resources. IPS immediately immersed themselves into the various market spaces networking with Subject Matter Experts to find and recruit the very best candidates.


Within 4 weeks IPS executed, developed and presented full candidate slates for the VP of Warehouse & Distribution role. IPS successfully placed the VP of Warehouse & Distribution.
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